Astral Projection Danger – What You may to Know

The Astral projection frequencies particularly closely related to our state of mind our own everyday life. Now, the actual details of what happens is not important. What’s important is that experiences suggests if we pay attention to certain tones then day-to-day activities often have a deeper or more meaningful astral experience. After all, should you be new to astral travel or even a seasoned practitioner, you will always be looking for a deeper experience, a longer experience and perhaps a more meaningful experience. Most novice astral projection travelers will experience some manner of OBE, if not immediately, then very soon within the first tries.

A lot of novices complain they will don’t get much further or cannot actually get much further than splitting up. That’s where understanding astral projection frequencies and one’s own state of mind comes in spot. The really neat thing about astral projection frequencies is that with these is a completely natural way to induce a better more complete face. So what are they and how could i use them I’m going to briefly touch on the frequencies are but don’t worry this isn’t that important actually.

Gamma and Betta frequencies are the ones are in use when we are awake and going through your day. Mental is alert and solving problems, getting together with people and just generally busy. These are not at all essential astral travel because we are not in an approach to achieve it when we may be in this mode. The Alpha frequency takes place when you are a little relaxed and perhaps thinking about something, but not fully aware that one does it. Astralreisen liken this to day dreaming.

This astral projection frequency is once you are on cruise control. Awake and alert, but your thoughts are elsewhere so to speak. When you start Astral Travel you will usually begin to relax and meditate. Hormones will start at the Theta frequency and then as you relax and focus mind in meditation, went right pass through the Delta frequency which the user into the LambdaEpsilon range. The 4g iphone is the important one, that’s where we spend our time in astral travel. This astral projection frequency is where your mind functions on a mystic level and where all your experiences happen.